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  1. Recovery of receivables/ debts/ obligations

    The receivables recovery service enables you to replenish your estate as a result of uncollected invoices, non-performed agreements, non-reimbursed loans or any other uncollected receivables of any form whatsoever

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  2. Collection of receivables/ debts/ obligations

    The receivables collection service is a distinct service not covered by the pattern of regularly recovered receivables. Generally, such receivables are not older than 45 days and the efforts and time spent by sales agents and accountants for the collection thereof are not profitable

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  3. Amendments and incorporations of trading companies and Certified Individuals

    The start of a new business can be inciting, pleasant, but also implies a lot of work. Your new business shall be based on ideas on the company’s name, scope of business and operating manner in order to be profitable, ideas that will make it unique.

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  1. Legal Services

    Whereas, due to various reasons, the receivable could not be amicably collected, our company provides you with our lawyers and legal counsels with expertise in this area, who will represent you in court in order to obtain writs of execution against your debtors

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  2. Bailiff

    If you already have a writ of execution, such as a cheque or a promissory note or even a final and irrevocable court resolution, our company, through our official receiver collaborators, also ensures the enforcement of such writs

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  3. Bankruptcy/ Insolvency of companies

    According to Law no. 85/2006, the insolvency proceedings can be initiated against a legal entity solely if the debt thereof exceeds the amount of RON 45000.

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