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About Us

Our policy

If we do not recover, you do not pay! is a guarantee for all efforts taken by us in order top recover your debt. With us you will only pay for performance!

Recover accounts receivable debts, obligations amicably, judicial and extrajudicial, since 2006. Kolcze Iliuta & Associates S.R.L. succeeded in a relatively short period of time to establish itself in the market for debt collection in Romania, reaching in early 2007 have over 1,000 active clients. Experience and reliability proven by our team over the years, before founding the company in 2006 after, gathered with a special financial effort, led to the development and recognition of professionalism by the Association of Commercial Debt Management in 2008 paying full member state.

Recovery and collection of overdue debts is our goal. By combining quality service and reasonable prices, we provide procedures to recover outstanding monies have often successful.

We invest in people, and this makes our mission, to be one of the best, to come true. We are a young, enthusiastic, willing to have satisfied customers, which is why we make all necessary efforts in order to recover overdue debts. We build long term relationships with our partners and their degree of satisfaction is reflected in the teaching of uncollected debts monthly by our company in order to retrieve them, which we enjoy and motivates us both.

Kolcze Iliuta & Associates S.R.L. understand that it is not enough for a debt recovery agency just to collect money. It must act with responsibility and professionalism, protecting reputations partner so educate our customers bad debtors to pay their debts on time or as close to the due date. In the process of debt recovery we focus on two essential things: collecting money and maintaining commercial relationship between the client and his debtor, where is possible.

We want to prove that the debt collection service we offer is effective, and subsequently do an analysis of profitability, after which you decide if you want to turn this collaboration into a long term partnership.


Persuasion, persistence and professionalism recommend our agency. These are key to a high success rate and a high level of customer satisfaction.