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Recovery of receivables/ debts/ obligations

If you do not recover, you do not pay! 

  • no fee charged for the file administration;
  • no fee for commercial – legal interrogations;
  • for receivables with incomplete supporting documents we reserve the right to charge a file administration fee. For further information, please contact the sales department.

The receivables recovery service enables you to replenish your estate as a result of uncollected invoices, non-performed agreements, non-reimbursed loans or any other uncollected receivables of any form whatsoever.

All you need to do is to provide us with the documents underlying your receivable by fax, e-mail or mail, according to the contact data, or you can enter your case in the new customer form, and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible in order to take over the case.

In order to initiate the recovery process of your receivables, we will enter into a commercial mandate agreement, under which you will authorize us to manage your case. During the first stage we will attempt to amicably recover the receivable. For the amicable procedure, the working methods include: investigations on the debtor’s solvency, the assets thereof, investigations on the identification of the company’s shareholders and directors, phone conversations, notices, direct meetings. In 90% of the cases this method has proven effective.

If, following such actions, the debtor fails to positively react to our requests, we initiate the legal proceeding related to the debt recovery by summoning the debtor, followed by the foreclosure thereof, also by filing of criminal claims, claims on the bankruptcy initiation etc.

The costs related to the recovery of receivables shall be borne by our agency, except for the judicial stamp fees due strictly to the court and/or official receiver.

In case of success, our fee consists of a commission that ranges between 3-18% of the debt amount, depending on the length and amount thereof, determined upon the execution of the mandate agreement and charged upon the actual and effective recovery of the receivable.

In order to find the estimate of this fee in financial terms, click on K&I Fee Calculator.